Speedywash A626

Speedy wash A626 is the battery-operated coach and truck washer which is revolutionising the marketplace. Totally self-contained and incredibly quiet whilst in operation, you can comfortably work indoors or outdoors. Using the latest technology lead gel batteries and high-frequency charger enabling long duty cycles and minimum maintenance, it's available in two models: LX and Easy Steer; both machines carry enough water and detergent to clean up to 6 large vehicles (13 m coach or articulated truck)! And with our exclusive, "Brilliante" polishing brush (a cost option), we can even make your vehicles shine. Heights are available from 3m to 5m, at no extra cost.

Specifications: Speedy Wash A626 EZ
Power Supply - Battery 24V
Traction and steering - Central motorized wheel and rudder control steering
Brush inclination Degrees 0-10
Inclination system power supply - Electric 24V
Brush rotation power supply - Electric 24V
Traction system - Electric 24V
Weight loaded lbs 2156
Weight empty lbs 1232
Overall height with standard brush ft 13'10"
Effective wash height ft 13'6"
Base size ft 3'6" x 4'
Brush Diameter ft 3'5"
Water tank capacity gal 112
Brush revolutions RPM 100
Output of brush engine KW 1
Washing speed ft/m 0' - 112'
Travel speed ft/m 0' - 112'