SpeedyWash a101

Speedy washA101 is the starter model in the Speedywash range. Powered through an umbilical cord, consisting of a water hose and an electric cable (in either single phase or three phase), these rugged machines have few parts to service. For indoor use the umbilical cord can be mounted in the ceiling to give the operator an uncluttered work environment. Heights are available from 3m to 5m, at no extra cost.

Specifications: Speedy Wash A101 ST Electric
Power Supply - 220/380 three phase 220v single phase 50/60Hz
Brush inclination Degrees 0-10
Inclination system power supply - Electric 24V
Brush rotation power supply - Electric 220/380v
Weight Lbs 550
Overall height with standard brush ft 13'9"
Effective wash height ft 13'6"
Base size ft 3'6" x 4'
Brush Diameter ft 3'5"
Brush revolutions per minute RPM 100
Brush engine KW 1.1