About Bitimec Speedywash

Speedy Wash is the Bitimec Single Brush Power-wash line of equipment, designed for washing commercial and industrial vehicles.


  • All chassis and frames constructed of stainless steel

  • Patented, autonomous self propelled machines, free of connecting cables or hoses

  • Patented brush inclination system for maximum stability and safety

  • Capacity to wash surfaces with inclination up to 22°

  • Bi-directional feather touch controls for washing the most difficult corners

  • Easy to use and operate, providing economical solutions in time and money

  • Wash a coach or trailer in an average of 7 minutes

  • All Speedy Wash models have adjustable nozzle bars to provide perfect spray patterns

  • Simple to remove, the nozzles can be cleaned and reinstalled quickly

  • The 420L (112gal) water tanks washing up to 6 coaches on one fill.