Ruwac Industrial vacuums

JTT supplies an extensive range of Ruwac machines based on identical components which can be combined in many ways depending on the performance and type of filtration required. The consequences of this is that our vacuum cleaners can be used, either mobile or stationary, almost anywhere to pick up and extract production residues.

The range of application covers industrial cleaning, extracting swarf, liquids and oil mist and removing difficult substances such as asbestos residues and explosive material.

Ruwac machines are approved for the European 94/9 EG (ATEX) directive allowing them to be safely used in explosive atmospheres. Ruwac industrial vacuum cleaners are free of ignition sources. This is guaranteed by the BIA with its construction class B1 test certificate.

Ruwac is a family owned independent vacuum cleaner manufacturer established in the late 1970s in northern Germany.

A particular emphasis within Ruwac is the ability to change vacuum designs by using a modular construction system. Hazardous products,explosive Materials, fumes and vapours are no problem for Ruwac "Anything is possible it just costs more".

JTT have been the sole UK agent for Ruwac vacuums since 1997.

No dust is disturbed to circulate in the air. No dirty water is generated. You save lots of working time and that saves money!